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How to Sell Online with Ecommerce Solution Shopify:

5 Must-Know Tips for Beginners

Using ecommerce solution Shopify to sell online is a great way to build your own brand and make some money! Here are 5 must-know tips for beginners and those who want to get their products on the market!

The thing that a lot of people have discovered is that now we are at a stage where creating a store is the easiest part. Due to the reduced barrier to entry, there is so much competition and usually, it is hard to overcome the challenges and start generating sales. If you are one of those who has already faced this problem, this article can help you start on the right track.

Ecommerce solution Shopify, one of the best ecommerce website builder and platform that is sophisticated enough to please established businesses and experienced retailers. This platform is also simple enough that regular folks can use to launch their own business and earn some extra money. This is the beauty of Shopify.

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In this article, we will show you how to sell online with ecommerce solution Shopify, how to grow your Shopify store, and how to make some money. Follow these 5 tips:

Run a mobile site:

Half of the internet usage comes from smartphone and mobile devices and not having a mobile app today means you are losing half of your buyers. Mobile ecommerce is less competitive, and getting mobile revenue is easier than selling from a desktop website. So, unless you want to miss out on more sales, make sure your business is focused on mobile and you need to check if the Shopify theme you want to use is mobile responsive or not (usually, all Shopify themes are mobile responsive and customizable).

Sell more products:

We know this tip might sound too obvious, but, if you want to make more money and build an online brand, you must sell more. You can sit down and research how can you present your products and which products you can launch to satisfy your customers. For example, you can Google product categories and check which category comes first in the shopping tab and in ads. For more information on how to boost your online sales with Shopify, go to

You can also check out the top sellers in your category on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Aliexpress.

Customer retention:

Spending quality time retaining your customers is much more effective and less expensive than acquiring new customers. Think about how you are buying from a brand or store you already know than someone that is completely new. Retaining customers is important to growing your Shopify store. There are a few tactics you can use to retain your shoppers: regular email communication, surprise and delight customers, improve your packaging, shopping cart abandonment emails, retargeting, birthday emails, run giveaways, repeat buyer discount, create a loyalty program, curate product reviews, encourage product recommendations, be responsive on social media, and don’t take complains or negative comments too personally.

Effective marketing via storytelling:

Do you think your store’s success depends on the quality of the products your offer and the store itself? According to one research, the customers are looking for personal connections with the stores they purchase from, we usually purchase from brands we like and we aren’t relying on pure logic, and our brain is more engaged by storytelling than by words, numbers, or facts. Storytelling is effective because people want to purchase from someone they trust and telling a story is the best method to establish this level of affection and familiarity.

Use paid ads effectively:

Facebook is a great platform that is definitely worth advertising investment and with so many businesses using Facebook to promote their brands, the result of paid advertising is bigger and better. Running paid ads can help you understand how your buyers react to your marketing messages, you can test certain ideas, you can find something that works so you can invest more money at it, and much more.

With these 5 tips in mind, you’ll successfully sell online and grow your Shopify store!