To Host or be Hosted; Which is the Better Option

Why is Shopify the E-Commerce Platform of 2019?

There is little doubt why many entrepreneurs are drawn to the e-commerce space. The allure of digital retail has become irresistible as the numbers speak loud and clear. The US market alone is a $220 billion market and growing at 17 percent year over year.

No matter which part of the globe you are branching out to the e-commerce space seems like a good idea. If you opt to start an online business, we highly recommend Shopify as an e-commerce platform to power your business especially if you are a startup.

Benefits of powering your online store using Shopify:

1. Affordable

Minimizing cost is a big factor with any business startup. Setting up an online store is easy and affordable. For a minimal fee, you have access to powerful web building tools as well as Apps that help your business thrive. Your investment in using Shopify will carry your business much further compared to any other platform just because it is fast and reliable.

2. Presentation is everything

In an online landscape where competition is stiff, you do not want your store to come up as looking shady or deficient in any way. When using Shopify, this is the least of your worries as Shopify has plenty of fantastic themes.  Ten themes are free, and more than 50 premium web themes can be bought at an affordable rate. With Shopify, you are guaranteed a professional, aesthetically pleasing and customized website that provides an excellent user experience.

3. Powerful marketing tools

Shopify is a marketing beast that allows any startup to spread the word quickly, aggressively and all at a low cost. This is because Shopify’s basic package includes marketing tools such as SEO features and advanced e-commerce analytics that inform you where your store’s traffic is coming from.

For instance, your analytics may reveal that customers are finding you through online searches. You could act on this information by creating a blog series with pertinent information about your specific product including educational material that makes you an authority on the subject.

Other marketing tools on Shopify include:

  • Discount codes
  • Custom gift cards
  • Social network integration
  • Target email marketing
  • Store analytics

If this is not quite enough for your marketing plan, you can opt to get some great Apps from Shopify’s App store. These Apps include advanced marketing features such as:

  • A custom pop-up window, to capture emails
  • Affiliate sales tracker


Shopify also hosts your online store with fast speeds and reliable uptime of up to 99.98 percent. These is but a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the feature-packed Shopify e-commerce platform.