Top Reasons Why You Should Power Your Online Store with Shopify

Top Reasons Why You Should Power Your Online Store with Shopify

With more than 600,000 businesses powered by Shopify and more than $82 billion worth of online sales happening on Shopify, you know your online store is on the right platform if you are on Shopify. Many ambitious entrepreneurs choose Shopify for many reasons.

1. Grow your business

It takes tremendous effort to focus on marketing and sales successfully. So Shopify allows you to focus on the selling and marketing instead of losing valuable time and effort tinkering on the back end of your store trying to make it work. Shopify has made it extremely easy to run your store and focus on the right stuff because it has taken care of all the tinkering for you.

Shopify provides inbuilt marketing features as well as secure payment gateways and shipping. For both startups and existing businesses, Shopify is the best bet to power your business. Shopify is built to accommodate the rapid growth of your business and sales without any hiccups.

2. Control from one place

One of the reasons entrepreneurs prefer Shopify to power their online stores is that control is made easy because everything is all in one place. A unified platform helps deliver on all the below:

  • Easy customization of your website
  • Adding new sales channels in a snap
  • Easy management of unlimited products and inventory
  • Track all your sales and growth trends
  • Order fulfillment in a single step

3. Feature rich

The Shopify e-commerce platform is loaded with powerful features that make all the aspects of running your business easy and smooth. This platform is a master of making the complex simple when it comes to selling online. Here’s why:

  • Provision of unlimited bandwidth and product inventory
  • Customizable online store and blog
  • Accepts credit cards with Shopify payment
  • Discounted shipping rates that put money in your pocket
  • Excellent customer support

Running an online business comes with enough challenges without having to sweat the small stuff. Shopify allows you to get the sales and grow your business without having to bother about the little things such as downtimes and slow loading speeds. The platform has blazing fast servers that ensure your online store are fast enough and has an uptime record of 99.98 percent.


Online shopping has made online selling unbelievably affordable and straightforward. Building your online store is now the easy part as no coding is required when using Shopify. The real challenge comes in selling, but even then Shopify has equipped your store with all the necessary tools such as inbuilt SEO features and store analytics to help you start on the right footing.

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